Don Exido, exorcista bandido
Don Exido, exorcista bandido


Exido is a modern exorcist.
In addition to saving souls, he kills the damned, he offers eternal rest to those who oppose the faith.
It makes no difference in race, religion or social status; if he has to defeat the devil he is ready to slaughter anyone.
The name Exido is unity of exorcist and bandido.

His homeland is Mexico, where he learned the secrets of the Mystery (supernatural Christianity) and the powerful magic of the Santa Muerte.
Exido, whose exorcisms are often brutal, is not well regarded by the high Vatican hierarchies, but his purification work is considered irreplaceable by lay people and religious.
He is also called Don Ex by friends and admirers.


Part of the face, from the cheekbone to the jaw, is stripped down, a part of the skull is out, with the teeth exposed in a perennial grin. Mutilation caused her by a sleep demon.